Delivery / Southpark ToGo

Delivery / Southpark ToGo

Have you noticed our new Southpark ToGo, Prepare@Home, and delivery options? There are nights you don’t want to go out on the town for dinner. You just want to stay home for an evening of Netflix. We get it. But you want something better than ordering some sloppy delivery pizza, right?

delivery, but real food

Welcome to 2018, when delivery no longer means that cheap pizza or “Chinese” food that no one from China would recognize.

There are so many reasons you could want to enjoy our food. Tonight, though, you just can’t make it here. There are plenty of reasons that could be; we won’t judge.

  • You’re one of our neighbors, and it’s a quick walk to come pick up a meal, and you want to have a quiet night in.
  • You live outside the downtown area, and it’s a chore to get everyone downtown this evening.
  • You’re working late. The thought of coming back to downtown Portland after you finally get home? No. Just no.

With Southpark ToGo, we’ve got you covered. We’re making it easy to come in, pick up your food, and get on with your night.

Prepare@Home lets you bring Chef Chris’s skills home with you without the awkwardness of showing him around your kitchen. We’re starting to put out videos where Chef and our staff will give you the information you need to closely recreate our dishes.

Southpark ToGo is perfect for a meal at home. Order your items and select pickup or delivery. We can have your meal ready for pick-up as soon as 30 minutes from when you order it. We’ll have it prepared so that you can grab it and go. If you can’t get away, we also offer delivery through GrubHub. It’s perfect for that date night at home or a treat for that late night at the office.

Now, to enjoy the foods that we have on the menu based on availability, you’re still going to want to make your reservation. But when you can’t be here, now you can still enjoy

  • selections from the charcuterie
  • burgers and sandwiches
  • pizzas
  • salads
  • and yes, seafood as well – including our clam chowder.

So give it a try and let us know what you think!

Why and how might you use Southpark ToGo and Prepare@Home? Let us know in the comments below!