Eat a Crab

Eat a Crab

Dinner for Two

eat a crab


Large Caesar Salad

Whole Oregon Dungeness Crab, Chili Lime

Butter + Focaccia

Choice of One Vegetable Side

Choice of One Dessert

$75 for Two

It’s wonderfully briny. It’s savory. There’s a hint of sweetness. The meat has a tender texture. With some of the most meat on any crab, the Dungeness crab is only found on the Pacific Coast, and it’s a favorite where it can be found. Today we’re going to delve these oh-so-delicious crustaceans, why they’re so good, why they’re great on our plates, why Dungeness crabs, like all sea life, are important to our planet, and how our providers work to make sure they remain sustainable.