Portland Dining Month

Portland Dining Month

March is Portland Dining Month!. It’s a month of seeing why Portland is a foodie’s paradise. People traveling to PDX know that they’re going to have some of the world’s best food available. From the well-known pink boxes of Voodoo Doughnuts to Portland’s most expensive selection which will set you back $165 per person (add $85 if you want the wine pairings), there is something for everyone in Stumptown.

What is Portland Dining Month about?

Travel Portland’s Dining Month event is simple: three courses for $33. Here at Southpark, you can choose between one of four first courses, four second courses, and two desserts. Each course includes both seafood and non-seafood selections – like our wildly popular Brussels sprouts.

What does that mean for you? For starters, it means that you can visit us multiple times in March and have different experiences. Go check out our competition, and then see what we’ve got going on. We, with Portland’s largest raw bar with the city’s greatest selection of oysters and our always-fresh,, daily-changing menu, will be right here waiting with our sustainable seafood and all-local produce.

This month-long event would be great on its own if it simply introduced locals and visitors to Portland restaurants, but it gets even better! In addition to getting great food at a great price, you’ll be helping the Oregon Food Bank just by participating. If you needed an excuse to visit more restaurants in March, you’re welcome. Helping you find the right reason to indulge in great food? It’s a complimentary service we love to offer.

Get involved

It’s easy to make it a great month for dining! Try as many of the 124 participating restaurants as you can, and see what it is that makes people who love great food love Portland. Simply head over to the Portland Dining Month site, and start planning a month of the best that Portland has to offer.