#YMBARO 3 – Food Quality

#YMBARO 3 – Food Quality

food quality isn’t just important to the Restaurant Owner. It’s everything.

Every restaurant answers two questions with their food: What kind of food will they serve, and where will they source it? For many restaurant owners, food quality is a balancing act. For some there’s nothing to balance, because only the best food is good enough for their clientele.

For some restaurant owners, the second question is the most important they will ask. The answer to the question of food sourcing drives everything else that happens, from what the restaurant will serve, to how they will prepare the food, to the cost per plate, to when they will have different dishes on the menu.

Where do you draw the line?

Organic tomatoes growing at Wild Roots Farm ensure great food quality For many restaurants, there is a line at which the quality of food is considered good enough. At high-end restaurants, “good enough,” requires the highest quality of ingredients, grown and harvested or caught in the highest quality, sustainable ways.

When you visit a restaurant, whether the roadside diner, the downtown hotspot or anywhere along the spectrum, you’re placing your experience and so much more in the hands of the people who decide where your food will come from, and those who prepare your food.

When you’re eating fish, was it sourced in accordance with Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch? Did the produce come from a farm like that of our friends at Wild Roots, where Brian Shipman has to put in extra work because he uses his hands and organic farming practices instead of large machines and chemical pesticides?

Yes. Food Quality is a LOT of Work.

Chef Chris outside Southpark SeafoodMany restaurants can keep the same menus and specials for months or years on end. Why change something that’s good enough, right?

Others must adapt and change their menus daily to match what is available. Some chefs who are passionate about serving the best.food will visit local farmers markets for some or much of their produce, just as our Chef Chris Robertson walks across the street to the farmers market in the Shemanski Park every week it’s open.

We can’t emphasize the importance of the quality of food you eat enough. There are no shortcuts. We’re talking about how we take care of the planet, and we’re talking about what you’re putting into your body. You owe it to yourself and the world to only eat the best.

the Choice is Yours.

We’ve made our stand when it comes to the price versus quality issue. Where do you stand?

At Southpark Seafood, we stand behind the choice we’ve made when it comes to the food we serve. We love to discuss these issues. As long as we need to eat, it will always be an important issue. We’ve enjoyed being a leader in providing sustainable food with a great experience, and we look forward to your next visit.

If you’ve taken a stand in the food you will serve, then

You Might Be A Restaurant Owner. #YMBARO