#YMBARO 5 – End of the Day

You might be a restaurant owner

Today, we close out the #YMBARO series, back in the same place where it all started: with the restaurant owner returning to the fleeting comfort of sleep.

In #YMBARO Part 1, we looked at the beginning of the day, and just how painful it can be when that alarm clock goes off and it’s time to go make the bread. Our restaurant owner is lucky – there are some that have to wake up about the time she’s crawling under the covers.

In #YMBARO Part 2, we saw what it takes to get a restaurant up and running every day, from the hours of cleaning and preparation to the daily paperwork from accounting to advertising.

The third installment covered the importance of choosing only the highest quality from the best sources, with the commitment to take care of our guests and our world.

Our fourth video and blog looked into our location, and how you benefit as our guest.

Finally, we’ve come to the fifth and final #YMBARO installment. After a day of working with dozens of employees to serve thousands of guests, the restaurant owner arrives home with little time to relax before she needs to be ready to get up and do it all over again.

Sure, it’s tough, and sure, it’s a grind, but it’s a rewarding grind. At least, it is for the restaurant owner.