#YMBARO 1 – The Wake Up Call

#YMBARO 1 – The Wake Up Call

You Might be A Restaurant Owner

When you own a restaurant, you do whatever it takes to create great experiences for your guests. When you own a restaurant that deals in nothing but fresh ingredients and food, it takes extra time and expense. It takes a special kind of person to ensure that when those early morning deliveries arrive, they’re in place and ready to receive them.

This morning, we find a restaurant owner at home in bed, enjoying some sleep. It’s a time of peace. It’s a time of relaxation, rejuvenation for the day ahead, and a time of restoration.

For the restaurant owner, sleep ends far too early, and far too violently.

When you serve fresh seafood that was swimming in the ocean just yesterday, then you have to make some sacrifices somewhere.

If you get this, then You Might Be A Restaurant Owner.

The #YMBARO Series

We’re beginning this new series to pull back the curtain and let you see a little of what it’s like to own and manage a restaurant. There are ups and downs, great things and things we wish we could avoid. But at the end of the day, it’s all about what we’re doing for you.

In this series, we’ll explore those ups and downs, and show you how they fit in with our concept and our cornerstone. We’ll explore what sustainability means at a restaurant, and how that affects our daily decisions. We’ll explore what that means for our daily operations, how we source our food and ingredients, and how that plays out at your table.

As one of the first restaurants in the Portland area that embraced sustainable business practices, it’s been fantastic to watch as others here and across the nation have followed that lead. Here at the front of the movement, we’re just getting started.

It takes a lot of sacrifice, but giving our guests a wonderful dining experience where they can learn more about how we make sustainability work is worth every bit.

What would you like to see us cover? Leave a comment below, or talk to your server the next time you visit. We can’t wait to hear from you.