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Host Your Party at Southpark

Every year hundreds of event planners, families, church groups, wedding parties, and more choose to hold their large party events at Southpark Seafood. They choose us for our distinctive cuisine, engaging service, urban Pacific Northwest atmosphere, and the hospitable care we show to large groups.

At Southpark Seafood large party dining doesn’t mean stark banquette rooms and pre-ordered meals; we’d like to invite your party to join us in our lively dining room or semi-private event space where your guests can be part of a fun and memorable event.

We are proud to offer our full menu to your party but if your group would like a custom or limited menu for any reason (or if you have a per-person budget in mind) we would be happy to create a menu to meet your needs. And of course, we are able to accommodate almost any dietary restrictions.

Semi-Private Dining

Our semi-private dining space can accommodate up to 50 people for a seated lunch or dinner and comes at no charge for parties of 30 or more.

For parties smaller than 30 there is a $50 per person less than 30 room fee (example: for a party of 28 the room fee would be 2x$50=$100). If there is no need for a semi-private space or guests do not want to risk incurring a room fee (if the party is less than 30) an option is available to seat the group at tables right next to each other in the main dining room.

There is no deposit, minimum, or automatic gratuity required for any parties (excluding full restaurant buyouts and bar reservations.)

Customized Menu Options

We are proud to offer our full menu to large party groups of 50 and less, but we can also provide a special customized menu to meet preferences and/or budgeting needs.

Whether guests decide to enjoy our full menu or a personalized menu, our chef and kitchen team are happy to accommodate nearly any dietary restrictions our guests may have.

Our semi-private dining space can also be reserved for cocktail and appetizer parties with no room fee regardless of party size between 2:00-6:00pm or 10:00pm-Midnight. It is also available for morning brunch meetings or presentations 9:00-11:30am.

Southpark Buy-Out

For larger groups, we offer the opportunity to buy out the restaurant for lunch or dinner with a minimum food and beverage purchase.

To buy out the dining room (seating for up to 100) the food and beverage minimum is $5,000 at lunch any day of the week and $10,000 at dinner Sunday-Thursday or $12,000 at dinner Friday-Saturday.

To buy out the entire dining room and bar (seating for up to 150) the food and beverage minimum is $7,500 at lunch any day of the week and $15,000 at dinner Sunday-Thursday or $18,000 at dinner Friday-Saturday.


We accept reservations in our bar with an arrival time between 3:00-4:00pm or 8:00pm and later for up to 20 people.

Happy hour pricing is available in the bar between 3:00-6:00pm and 10:00pm-midnight.


Make A Reservation

Making a large party reservation is easy. All you have to do is call us at 503-326-1300, send us an e-mail, or click the "Book an Event" link above.

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