Non-Seafood Eaters: You’ll Still Love It Here

Non-Seafood Eaters: You’ll Still Love It Here

You’ve been invited to dinner at Southpark. That’wonderful, right? Except that you don’t do seafood. Fortunately, we have great solutions. Today, we’ll explore reasons you might not eat seafood and a couple solutions that will work for you.

You don’t do seafood

Many of us have a difficult time understanding such an idea. Not liking seafood? We just can’t understand it. But for those people, let me explain.

Perhaps you don’t like it. Even as I write for a seafood restaurant, I have a couple of seafood options that I don’t eat for various reasons. Note that after researching them for a year, oysters are at the top of my favorites list for a host of reasons.

Maybe you’re allergic. As someone recently diagnosed with a weird allergy, I get it, and I have no desire to push you toward seafood.

Maybe you didn’t grow up with it, and for some reason, it makes you uncomfortable. Now’s a good time to start being adventurous!

Or mayhap, for whatever reason, you just don’t do seafood. Fortunately, we have the perfect answers for you. While our seafood is where we put most of our pride, there are plenty of other options as well – and we do them right!

For those who just don’t like the flavor of seafood, why is that? We’d like to invite you to try it our way – fresh. Fresh seafood harvested in the last couple days is an entirely different experience from what you’ll find in so many places. The shellfish we serve at our raw bar are vastly different from those you’ll see at the seafood joints around town.

But back to your issue: either disliking or unable to have seafood. Because our seafood items are the stars of the show, you might not realize that they’re only about a third of our menu. In fact, you can find some conWestant favorites in the small plates featuring fresh produce, like our far-famed Brussels Sprouts, or wood-fired pizzas from our classic brick oven.

So if you don’t eat seafood, take heart! You’ll have just as wonderful a dinner as your seafood eating counterparts. Then, head on to your show at the Schnitz or Keller.

So if someone invites you to Southpark, or if you just want to try some offerings you’re sure to love, join us for an evening at one of Portland’s favorite restaurants.