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13-Seat Oyster & Raw Bar

With Portland, OR’s largest selection of oysters, a menu that changes every single day and an innovative thirteen-seat raw bar, we dare you to find a better place for a dozen on the half shell.

We have the most, we have the freshest, and we have the best.

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Understanding Oysters:

You an oysters newbie? We recommend starting with three basic criteria, brininess, texture and finish:


The simplest and most fundamental aspect of the shellfish’s flavor, this term describes the saltiness of the oyster coming directly from the source water.

An oyster of high brine will deliver a more natural salty flavor, while low brine will provide less salt.


An oyster can be meaty, silky, fatty, thin, tender or clean. All of these drastically influence the flavor and overall experience.


Sometimes taking a few moments to reveal itself, the finish of an oyster can hold hints of mineral, umami, vegetation and sweetness such as melon or honeydew.

A good wine, beer or gin can also modify the flavors within the finish and enhance the oyster overall. Your server will be very knowledgeable regarding the proper beverage pairings. 


Oysters gain their flavor profiles from a variety of factors in their environment: the salinity and tide patterns of the water; the makeup of the floor of the estuary; how and whether the farmers suspend them in the water or allow them to tumble with the tide; their age; and other factors. It’s all a culmination of intensive processes that can take years of hard work. 

In other words, oysters are so much more than just a heavenly tasting thing in a pretty shell. Try a dozen at our raw bar and see what we mean.

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