Prevernal Pilsner: Our First Brew Collaboration

Prevernal Pilsner: Our First Brew Collaboration

Prevernal Pilsner: a magic homebrew combination of delightful indulgence that happened to catch the eye (or taste buds) of a certain notable brewery here in Portland.

Also known as our new collaboration with Culmination Brewing.

It is no surprise that for the last several years Portland has led the way in producing delicious beer and miles of innovative microbreweries. Our beloved city continues to attract creative people who relentlessly strive to rebuild the magic of brewing. These brewers have refined beer making from simply churning out suds you choke down, to something truly pleasurable and exciting to drink.

We are now proud to say Southpark Seafood has become part of our city’s new legacy.

Two of our staff, Dave (Bartender) and Steve (Server), have followed in this tradition, creating a home brew that they gave to Culmination Brewing for a fun evaluation. The brewmaster at Culmination was impressed – so impressed that they made a batch and gave it to us as an exclusive brew.

Meet the Prevernal Pilsner: a refreshing, easy-drinking beer brewed with Weyermann CARAMUNICH malt, rye, and oats. For bittering, they used Hallertau Blanc hops, which also adds subtle notes of earth and spice. Steve and Dave finished the mix with Azacca hops, which gives it tropical fruit and citrus aromas. With 5.3% ABV and 34 IBU, this blend has a very nice balance.

Show your support for our bartenders’ ingenuity, and get Prevernal while we still have it!