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At Southpark Seafood you now have the opportunity to virtually visit the local vendor / farm / vineyard / brewery from where your meal and drink was sourced. Take the journey from the farm to the table right from your seat!

During your next visit we will have a Google Cardboard VR viewer ready to go. Simply ask your server for the URL, place your phone in the headset and in moments experience an immersive endeavor that will allow you a better understanding of our sustainability practices.

Southpark has always invested in the practice of sustainability. As one of the early pioneers in the farm to table movement we’ve believe that using fresh, local ingredients not only enhances the dining experience but also supports the community and environment around us. In the Portland market (like many others) sustainable dining or farm-to-table is no longer something restaurants should do to stand out; it’s something that patrons expect. If a restaurant is not utilizing these best practices, they won’t be in business for long, and we’re proud to be part of how that came to be.

When you take our 360° VR tour, you will be able to visit these local vendors:

  • Nevor Shellfish
  • Everybody’s Brewing Company
  • Cascade Organics
  • Curley the Cow (Laney Family Farms)
  • Laney Family Farms
  • House Spirits Distillery
  • Singing Pig Farm
  • Maysara

Dive in and encounter the contemporary escapade that is virtual reality.