Large Parties

Dinner Venue in Portland, OR

Host Your Party at Southpark

Every year hundreds of large parties choose to hold their event at Southpark Seafood. They choose us for our distinctive cuisine, engaging service, urban Pacific Northwest atmosphere, and the hospitable care we show to large groups. At Southpark Seafood large party dining doesn’t mean stark banquette rooms and pre-ordered meals; we’d like to invite your party to join us in our lively dining room or semi-private event space where your guests can be part of a fun and memorable event.

We are proud to offer our full menu to your party but if your group would like  a custom or limited menu for any reason or if you have a per-person budget in mind we would be happy to accommodate. And of course, we are always able to accommodate all dietary restrictions.

For private parties, our Public Space is a semi-private dining room that can accommodate up to 42 people with both banquette and chair seating and tables that can be arranged in any manner that best fits your needs. Any size group is welcome to reserve the Public Space! All groups with a total number of guests of 30 to 42 at the time of the event will incur zero room fee. Any dinner groups with a total number of less than 30 will incur a charge of $50 per person. For instance, if 28 guests are in the group at the time of the event the room fee will be $50 x 2=$100.

We require ZERO deposit and ZERO minimum charge!

We can also offer our dining room for cocktail and appetizer parties between 2:00 and 5:00pm or after 10:00 when our dining room would typically be closed at no fee regardless of size.

Making a large party reservation is easy. All you have to do is call us at 503-326-1300, send us an e-mail, or follow the link below.