You Might Be A Restaurant Owner

What is it?

What is YMBARO? It is an acronym describing our recent video series on life as a restaurant owner. “You Might Be A Restaurant Owner”.

Managing and operating a restaurant is so much more than opening the doors and turning on the open sign. There’s nurturing relationships with local farmers and purveyors, ordering needed materials and ingredients, preparing and serving meals to customers, marketing and working appropriately with the local media, managing the monthly budget and the dangerous task of trying to fit all of this within a 24-hour timeframe.

This video series is meant to show just how hectic everything can be. With upcoming changes to the restaurant such as the removal of the $5 happy hour, various price increases and the increase in minimum wage, it’s important to remember that these changes aren’t put in place to surge profits. These changes are put in place to make sure that every operation and staff member is taken care to the best of our ability.

Part 1: The Wake-Up Call

This morning, we find a restaurant owner at home in bed, enjoying some sleep. It’s a time of peace. It’s a time of relaxation, rejuvenation for the day ahead, and a time of restoration. For the restaurant owner, sleep ends far too early, and far too violently.

When you serve fresh seafood that was swimming in the ocean just yesterday, then you have to make some sacrifices somewhere.

If you get this, then You Might Be A Restaurant Owner.


Part 2: The Daily Grind

For the restaurant owner and their staff, there are food deliveries to accept, ingredients to prepare, ice buckets to fill, meat and vegetables to cut, containers to fill, garnishes to get ready, and more.

Every morning requires a dozen people working together to ensure that we can open our doors on time. Take away just one of those people, and it’s guaranteed to be a stressful day. If two of our staff have to call out, that can jeopardize our being ready to open the doors for lunch. The restaurant owner must work with managers and employees they trust and can depend upon to make certain that the day runs smoothly.


Part 3: Food Quality

Every restaurant answers two questions with their food: What kind of food they serve, and where they source it. For many restaurant owners, food quality is a balancing act. For some there’s nothing to balance, because only the best food is good enough for their clientele.

For some restaurant owners, the second question is the most important they will ask. The answer to the question of food sourcing drives everything else that happens, from what the restaurant will serve, to how they will prepare the food, to the cost per plate, to when they will have different dishes on the menu.


Part 4: Location, Location, Location

Selecting the location for where a restaurant resides is no faint task. Many different factors can come into play when deciding on where your business will thrive.

Food sourcing, foot traffic, customer parking and competitive market are all factors in operating a restaurant.


Part 5: End of the Day


After a day of working with dozens of employees to serve thousands of guests, the restaurant owner arrives home with little time to relax before she needs to be ready to get up and do it all over again.

Sure, it’s tough, and sure, it’s a grind, but it’s a rewarding grind. At least, it is for the restaurant owner.