Southpark Seafood’s Executive Chef Ryan Gaul Guest Stars at NWIPA Burger Mondays

Southpark Seafood’s Executive Chef Ryan Gaul Guest Stars at NWIPA Burger Mondays

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By Allison Wiseman

Good friend of Southpark Seafood, N.W.I.P.A. on SE Foster Road, recently held a month long event sharing local burger love. Our beloved Executive Chef Ryan was a guest star at one of these events and utilized his creative genius to craft a unique culinary masterpiece. His creation? Charcoal grilled burgers [double Laney Family Farms patties, smoked braised and fried Snake River Farms Kurobuta pork jowl, kimchi slaw, gooey raclett] on a pretzel bun served with a jeweled side of purple potato and foie gras salad. A dish that will not soon be forgotten. I’m not quite sure how I did it… but I sure did finish all of it.

Aside from great food and great beer, this event was another example of Southpark’s commitment to being involved in our community. We love partnering with local sustainable organizations to help promote the food and environment that makes Portland a “food town”… and when you add in great beer and great friends you really can’t go wrong.

Southpark Seafood has the privilege of sourcing all of our ground beef from Laney Family Farms, who are also just as committed to stewardship of the land and their animals as we are to the seafood that has made us into the iconic Portland establishment that we are today. Additionally, partner Snake River Farms is equally as dedicated to their Total Quality philosophy through the animal lifecycle and distribution of Kurobuta pork (and beef) that you can see and taste the different. In fact, Kurobuta pork is so finely marbled it was recently referred to by Wall Street Journal “The Other Red Meat.” [Snake River Farms. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 Mar. 2016]

While Southpark Seafood will always be dedicated to providing the most sustainable, creative, and most delectable seafood in town, we are proud to stretch our culinary muscles to include beef and pork (and other!) dishes that will exceed all of your expectations. General Tso Pig Tail? Bone Marrow with Fried Pork Jowl?! YES PLEASE!!!

If you’re in SE Portland and you’re looking for a refreshing brew, visit our friends at N.W.I.P.A. :

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