Wildfire Recovery in the Columbia River

Wildfire Recovery in the Columbia River

One choice can have devastating consequences

The wildfires in the Columbia River Gorge have been devastating to those who live and work in the region – and they’re still not out. One of the groups affected has been those who catch the Columbia River salmon that we put on your plate. The Eagle Creek Fire forced the people of this Native American tribe to evacuate their homes. Despite this, they were out on the river, catching the fish during the run so that we could enjoy their catch of Columbia River King Salmon.

When our servers heard about this, they wanted to give back in a meaningful way, and we could not have agreed more.

For September, Southpark set aside a portion of each sale of the salmon to go directly to the fishermen and their families. In addition, our staff gave from their pay, and we as a company matched their donations 100%.

In the end, we raised $2,112.10, which will go directly to the tribal fishing operations affected by the Eagle Creek fire – to helping them defray the costs of displacement, and to any necessary rebuilding.

It will take years – decades, even – to entirely recover from the Eagle Creek fire which resulted from one person’s stupid choices. We’re starting to see the first pictures of the changes to the Columbia River Gorge. Many places will not be the same in any of our lifetimes.

To those of you who ordered the Columbia River King Salmon in September, thank you. You were a direct part of helping the people who caught those fish to recover from the fire.